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Prévoyez les ralentissements, puis relevez simplement le pied de l’accélérateur pour décélérer.: Anticipate slowdowns, then simply take your foot off the accelerator to decelerate.: Il n’y aura pas beaucoup de temps pour décélérer.: There will not be much time to decelerate.: Nous avons 39 minutes Pour réfléchir à décélérer.: Then, we have 39 minutes to figure out how to slow down.: Retirez votre …

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decelerate [verb] to slow down, especially in a car etc You must decelerate before a crossroads. (Translation of décélérer from the PASSWORD French-English Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)

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Translations in context of "déclarer" in French-English from Reverso Context: à déclarer, se déclarer, doit déclarer, peut déclarer, vous devez déclarer

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28 rows · This verb is conjugated like céder. It is a regular -er verb, except that its last stem vowel alternates between /e/ (written ‘é’) and /ɛ/ (written ‘è’), with the latter being used before mute ‘e’. One special case is the future stem, used in the future and the conditional.

décélérer – Translation into English – examples French Reverso …

Un second dispositif (8) est agencé pour appliquer un champ électrique RF pour décélérer le faisceau d’électrons après l’interaction. A second device (8) is arranged to apply an RF electric field to decelerate the electron beam after it has interacted.

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1. To decrease the velocity of. 2. To slow down the rate of advancement of: measures intended to decelerate the arms buildup.

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Declarer definition is – one that declares; specifically : the bridge player who names the trump and plays both his or her own hand and that of the dummy.

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Declarer definition, a person or thing that declares. See more.